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Brave Paws chewables are a natural, plant-based solution clinically shown to help relieve anxiety in dogs. Our calming chews contain a patented blend of Souroubea, a rainforest vine traditionally used to promote tranquility, along with other nurturing botanicals. Brave Paws works gently and effectively to ease everyday stresses that can overwhelm dogs.

Our chewables are veterinarian recommended and approved. They are made from sustainably sourced ingredients and produced under strict quality control at our U.S. facilities. Brave Paws is non-drowsy and non-habit forming. It won't affect your dog's personality or energy levels. Our calming chews simply help your dog feel more at ease in stressful situations, from car rides to vet visits to being home alone. Brave Paws offers dog owners a safe, natural way to help their furry friend manage anxiety and live their happiest, most comfortable life.

At Brave Paws, we understand the special bond between pets and their owners. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to creating natural solutions that help pets live happier, healthier lives.

Our story begins in the rainforests of Central America, where our team of ethno-botanists discovered a vine called Souroubea that has been used for centuries by indigenous healers to promote calmness and relaxation. After extensive research and clinical trials, we turned this traditional medicine into an innovative formula that helps relieve anxiety in dogs.

Brave Paws chewables feature a patented blend of Souroubea and other plant extracts that work together to safely and gently ease anxiety. Our calming chews are made from plant-based ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably sourced.

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we oversee every step of the production process to ensure our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Brave Paws is veterinarian recommended and approved.

Our team of pet lovers is committed to making a positive impact, not just for pets but for people and the planet too. We strive to operate sustainably, support our community, and set an example of corporate responsibility.

Above all, we believe in the power of plants to enhance the health and happiness of pets. It's our privilege to share the soothing benefits of Souroubea with dogs and their caring owners everywhere.


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JLP star-alt star-alt star-alt star-alt star-alt

"I really wish this had worked for my sweet boy's anxiety and stress. Unfortunately it seemed to make him more anxious, he wouldn't settle down, and we had a difficult time until it wore off. At least we tried, although I'm sad and disappointed, but maybe it will work for others. Good luck and I hope you have success."

a year ago


Megan star-alt star-alt star-alt star-alt star-alt

"My pet is already on medication for anxiety, and we added Brave Paws to see if it would provide additional help. It did help, but not as much as I expected."

2 years ago