How to Get Product Reviews on Squarespace Stores [VIDEO]

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How to Get Product Reviews on Squarespace Stores [VIDEO]

So you've set up a Squarespace Commerce store and are looking to collect and display product reviews. Should be straightforward, right? 

Well, the good news is... yes it's very easy to get Squarespace reviews, but only if you're using a tool like Endorsal to automate the whole process.

Here's how to collect & display customer reviews for your Squarespace store in less than 10 minutes.

Firstly, you'll need an Endorsal account. Sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

Step 1: Link your Squarespace store to Endorsal

  1. To sync your store with Endorsal, we need a Squarespace API key. Head to your Squarespace dashboard and select your website.

  2. In the side menu, click the Settings option. Click on Advanced (the last option) and then click Developer API Keys.

  3. Click GENERATE KEY, give your API key a name and then select the following permissions:
    • Products (read only)
    • Orders (read only)
    • Profiles (read only) 

  4. Squarespace Generate API Key 1

  5. Click Generate Key and then on the confirmation screen click COPY KEY.

  6. Paste the API key into the box on the Endorsal dashboard. We'll now connect to your store, import your products and set up a review request campaign.

Step 2: Add the Endorsal code to your Squarespace store

  1. Back on your Squarespace dashboard, in the side menu, click the Settings option. Click on Advanced (the last option) and then click Code Injection.

  2. In the HEADER box, paste the widget code and click SAVE.

  3. Squarespace Code Injection Product Review Widget

Step 3: Watch the reviews roll in!

Once you've completed steps one and two, the third step is music to most people's ears: do nothing.

Endorsal will now automatically collect product reviews from new orders and display them on your Squarespace store.

You can import existing reviews, display business reviews from external sites such as Facebook, Google & Trustpilot, moderate new reviews, collect customer photos and even share them to your favourite social networks

By automating product reviews for your Squarespace store, you'll be boosting your brand's social proof which builds trust with customers, increases sales and improves customer retention. All made possible in less than 10 minutes. 

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If you'd love to boost sales for your Squarespace store, sign up for a 14-day free trial here.


Collecting high-quality testimonials is important to every business.

But it's always been a long, painful game of back-and-forth.

Endorsal streamlines the whole process by fully automating it, saving your business time and money.

Increase conversions, build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand.

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