Wall of Love

Create a stunning page of your glowing reviews in minutes. Show potential customers just how good you are!

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The Wall of Love is exactly how it sounds. Create a stunning, infinitely loading page of all your amazing feedback from existing customers then use it to win over new ones.

Testimonial widget templates and review themes

Love at first sight

Social proof on steroids. Created in minutes.

Select a template for your Wall of Love, customize it to suit your brand and you're done.

Embed anywhere

Add the Wall of Love to your website with a few lines of code

Create a standalone page to house the Wall of Love or embed into an existing page.

Approved reviews will be instantly added to your site.

Embed Wall of Love on website
Display Google and Facebook reviews in Wall of Love

Come together

All of your reviews, displayed in one infinite page

Display reviews imported from other sources such as Google and Facebook alongside testimonials submitted to Endorsal.

Imported reviews even show their source, cementing trust for your customers and adding to the power of social proof.

See for yourself!
Take a look at our demo Wall of love ⤵︎

Automated testimonial collection & display, everything set up in minutes ­­— what’s not to love?

Are you ready to automate your testimonials?