Automatically pre-fill review forms with data you already hold on your customers

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Asking for customer testimonials is hard enough without the challenges of filling in lengthy forms. Endorsal makes the whole process easier by using SuperLinks, which enable you to automatically pre-fill review forms with data you already have.

This removes hurdles and increases the number of testimonials you’ll receive.

Now that is SUPER!

Dynamic SuperLinks

Dynamic Links

Fully automated links created in minutes, saving you hours

Dynamic links work with merge tags (sometimes known as custom tags or personalisation tags) and use dynamic data generated by your CRM, email marketing or automation software to pre-fill your EndoForm.

Simply Powerful

Integrates with the software you already use

Quickly insert SuperLinks into your existing feedback flow. Simply paste your link into your email template and you’re good to go! Each customer will be sent a unique link to your form.

Integrates with the software you already use
Automatically tag your customer testimonials

Organise your Feedback

Automatically tag your customer testimonials

Add tags to your SuperLinks to auto-tag resulting testimonials. Great for collecting individual product or service reviews and grouping similar feedback.

Customer reviews by Endorsal


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World's best boss

This link shows how you can pre-fill important testimonial information including name, email address, company name and avatar image.

Power of email

All we have for this customer is the email address, but thanks to SmartAvatars we pull through publicly available name and avatar image data.

Speak your customer's language

The following link pre-fills the customer's name and avatar but also crucially switches the EndoForm to French language.

Automated testimonial collection & display, everything set up in minutes ­­— what’s not to love?

Are you ready to automate your testimonials?