Display Yelp Reviews on ANY Website in Minutes

Over 5,000+ businesses just like yours trust Endorsal to boost their social proof by automatically collecting & displaying reviews with platforms like Yelp.

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Display Yelp Reviews on ANY Website in Minutes

Endorsal is the easiest way to collect & display Yelp reviews on any website.

Did you know that 91% of people read online reviews on a regular basis? I am one of those, are you? Significantly, 84% trust these in the same way they would a recommendation from friends or family.

Now those are powerful numbers.

The simplest way to get more customers is to boost your social proof by getting more Yelp reviews.

Collect and display Yelp reviews in just 2 simple steps:


Send automated Yelp review requests to your customers via email & SMS

Choose from our high converting, niche-based templates or create your own.

Then sit back and watch the Yelp reviews roll in.


Display your Yelp reviews anywhere with 3 lines of code

Choose from one of our clean, responsive templates and customise to your branding.

Embed Yelp reviews wherever you like in minutes with no coding knowledge required.

How to embed Yelp reviews on your website

  1. Start a free trial and head to the "Integrations" page.
  2. Select "Yelp" and connect your account.
  3. Create a new widget in Endorsal and select "Import" as the testimonial source. Then select your Yelp account.
  4. Click the "Copy to clipboard" button to grab your Yelp embed code.
  5. Locate the page and position where you would like your widget to appear and paste the Endorsal Yelp embed code.
  6. Visit your site to see your shiny new Yelp review widget.

5,000 companies trust Endorsal to boost their social proof. Try us out for free and in less than 10 minutes, you'll see why ⤵︎

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Endorsal is used by over 5,000 businesses on over 7,000 websites for 99,183,785 visitors across the globe.

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Boost your social proof with these powerful features:

Publish to Other Platforms

Customers can easily publish their comments to review platforms including Google My Business, Facebook Pages and Yelp.

Wall of Love

Display all of your reviews in a stunning, infinitely loading page, set up in a few minutes. Overwhelm potential customers with glowing feedback.

Review Marketing

Automatically share your best reviews to social networks. Put your reviews to work for your business.


Research shows that faces sell. Allow users to add their avatar with one-click imports from social accounts or by using our fast image uploader.

FOMO Popups

Increase conversions with the fear of missing out factor. Trigger timely popups featuring your best review providers.

Incentivised Requests

Reward loyal customers with an incentive to complete their review. Set up within the form builder in minutes.


Make your customers’ lives even easier with pre-filled forms based on the data you already hold. Supports merge tags and other formats.

Live Previews

Customers can view a live preview of their review as they create it, adding to the fun-factor.

Add or Import Existing Reviews

Already have lots of reviews? Great! Add them quickly via the dashboard or import them in seconds from other platforms (Facebook, Google) or via a CSV file.

5,000 companies trust Endorsal to boost their social proof. Try us out for free and in less than 10 minutes, you'll see why ⤵︎

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